Marieville, Québec, Canada   

Custom Fabrication Specialist
  • Conveyors
  • Steel Structures
  • Silos of all types
  • Repair of Crushing, Asphalt and Concrete Plants

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The company operates since 2001 and was founded by the actual president Michel Dupré.

The plant is located in Marieville Québec and the company specializes in the fabrication of conveyors, equipment for sandpits or gravelpits, port systems and all types of uncommon equipment. The company also offers a complete service for  mechanical repairs.

We specialize in  designing custom equipment that will optimize the plant productivity of our customers. Our teams manages to make smalll miracles in creating custom equipment for customers or modifying existing equipment in order to better serve its needs.

Les Équipements G-Fab is associated with the Groupe BMH, a renowned designer for concrete plants.

The company is certified CWB at the standard level W47.1 and relies on its own internal inspection system in order to ensure the top quality of its welding and  manufacturing.

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